I think is about time we take issues with issues raised by all these people commenting on the leadership style of the president His Excellency John Dramani Mahama.

Just as we have adopted democracy which so far appears the best of all governance practices which allows for the freedom of speech and of association, we must be ready to live with its hazards.

Democracy may not be the best form of governance, but you and I would agree that this is the best so far. Until we have identified another form of governance, we must strive to protect and preserve that which we have all grown to today.

In democracies, people would speak for you and against you. It is important to consider all comments in their perspectives. Some are criticisms while others are share and blatant insults. Some can be ignored and allowed to go.

We should pride ourselves especially we in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the civil society organization and individuals feel safe speaking their minds whenever we are in power.

We all remember how the Ghana Bar Association was vociferous prior to the 2000 elections and soon after the New Patriotic Party (NPP) won the elections, decided not to speak on any national issues until somewhere in 2009 after the NDC wrestled power from the NPP.

What we should set out to uncover is what generates interest of all on national issues if any, only when the NDC assumes power. For me, aside the political interest of some clearly identified political figures be they genuine or fake, others do so just to see the government and party they secretly admire to perform just so they could secure another mandate.

That celebrities and pastors have found their voices to speak on national issues under the NDC government, I must commend all of us for making this possible.

The difficulty however is that, know nots appear to know everything and how to solve every problem in this country. We all remember how a pastor claimed to be able to solve our electricity challenges now known as dumsor in three months. When pushed, his solution was in three months of fasting and prayers. It made one wonder what made it difficult for him to inform the president to stop working and to go hide in the Atwea mountains for three months for prayers without ceasing and to return to town to see light.

At least this tells us that even those who are criticising are not all-knowing. They are just humans and their statements must be subjected to strick scrutiny.

Let us now begin interrogating the applicability of suggestions they make and ignore those who come with nothing than insults.

Yes, when lights go off, celebrities and pastors just like politicians, have their lights going off. They feel the pinch. They are no super humans. They get broke when they must. Popularity does not guarantee cash and so, they should have challenges constantly procuring fuel to power generators if they do have any.

The difficulties I have with some of the comments they make arises from over simplification of issues. They must understand that to add an additional megawatt to our national grid is not as walking into a generator shop to buy one.

That to increase agriculture produce by an additional 1% is not a child’s play. It requires a lot of resources to do that.

To add a one kilometer of asphalt road to the national road stock, one requires about $1 million to do so.

So you see, is not that easy. To add a single percentage point to our current GDP is not a joke. That is the angle we must tackle issues from. The complication of governance makes it difficult to clearly assess how government is fairing in all sectors.

One fundamental issue we ought to understand is that, the fact that one area is facing challenges does not mean all other sectors of governance must halt. If government officials must hold a meeting, the presence of dumsor does not stop that from happening.

If government must procure additional buses to augment the operations of the Metro Mass Transit, dumsor would not take away that.

Allow celebrities to talk, allow pastors to talk. They are all humans. However, they must be ready to go further when their statements are being interrogated. One must clearly assess his or her capabilities before setting out to speak. Being a celebrity does not make you the most intelligent in all areas. Narrowing your scope under a camera to shoot a movie does not compress governance to that microscopic observation.

It is important to mark criticism from politics. But, should any comment be made politically, well, political response cannot be skipped. That aside, politics does not necessarily abhor truth. Indeed, politics of truth is what would take us to our destination.

So my celebrities, you have the space to talk, but remember that your talks may not just end where you just ended. Be ready to be subjected to criticism over your comments. That makes the freedom we enjoy a better one.

Remember that no matter which government is in power, it is voted for by people who are die-hard as well as floating voters. You cannot determine the kind of response you need when you are done speaking on the government.

To end, I would once again charge all of us to shift from the personality attacks and attack the content of those comments put out by people who seem to speak on governance.

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