In putting this piece together, I viewed the developments from the Aburi area just from behind the Kemp Methodist Junior High School. Indeed, this is not the first. My observation had gone adjacent  the Peduase Lodge as well as far behind the Hillbury hotel.

As a matter of fact, my first visit to the Weija-Oblogo area had aroused the fear I had kept in me Long after I had visited Lomnava about some nine years ago.

The quest for accommodation across and around the city is getting to its peak. As a nation that has been classified to have a larger housing deficit, citizens have become alert to use their little resources to build places of abode for themselves and their families.

As private estate developers have set in with sometimes exorbitant prices, the citizens are pushed to ocupy any available land and to convert it into building for private  and or commercial use.

There is nothing wrong with development in the estate sector by citizens. However, the issue of land ownership and its use has taken a different dimension. The focus of an average young man is to own a piece of land, and to build on sometime in the future.

What could account for this is the fact that people are increasingly losing hope each day in the ability of governments to provide them with shelter.

In some jurisdictions, areas marked for habitation either for development by government or individuals, are provided with special designs that takes into consideration the need to protect lives and properties and the need to preserve the environment. Sewerage systems as well as schools, hospitals, markets, entertainment grounds and what have you, are demarcated and catered for before development commences.

In the city of Accra and its surrounding towns, the scarcity of land is causing people to enter deeper and even on the mountains to acquire lands. To what end if we are able to build houses we cannot sleep in because of climate change as a result of our neglect from observing environmental best practices?

A visit to many construction sites would leave you sad. Houses are designed with full concrete and pavement blocks without the need to allow green grass and trees.

Mountains are being converted into residential areas casing all forests to be degraded. Our maker had not created the mountains for nothing. They are meant to preserve our lives. They evaporate heat into the atmosphere which later brings us rains. They serve as a block to heavy storms thereby protecting our properties.

However important the existence of mountains and trees are, we seem not to come to understand that our actions and inactions and failures to protect what the creator had left us would rather endanger our lives and threaten out very existence.

It is inherent to depart from the norm and to take a look at the development of places of habitation across and around the city.

I have lived in  Aburi for about eight years now. I knew the weather there all these years. The situation is gradually getting a bit scary. People may not notice it much. At my location, I need not turn on my fan sometimes even during the day. But today, that has changed. Barely can I stay in the room during the day without turning on my fan.

In Accra and at the Weija-Oblogo area I visited last Salah day, we must all worry at how the mountains that are to bring us rains and to serve as dwelling places for wildlife are being broken into and trees destroyed for our comfort.

We must put a stop to this and channel our efforts and strengths at restoring our environments.

If this can be achieved successfully, the government must rise to the ocassion and assure its citizens of constant and affordable accommodation to meet the demands of all. Lands can be acquired decently by government and developed into estates so the citizens especially the working class can acquire and pay for over a period of time.

The location between Afienya and Kpong is one such beautiful area the government can start with. Many can attest to flat lands lying near the various cities. These places can best be managed to enable us restore some dignity in our environment.

Let us strive to preserve and protect what others are spending billions of dollars to have.


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