I haven been thinking. I thought ignoring the invectives of the NPP is the best at this time. But, thinking over and over again, I have resolved to outline what they know as incompetence and what they projected to us as competence over their 8-year rule.

Fortunately for us, and perhaps unfortunately for them, they have a record which they accumulated over the period they served this country if not lauded over this country.

I would limit the administration to this currently Mahama-led administration. It is difficult engaging in this because even the NPP, today, is attacking former president Kuffour, the man on whose records they would contest elections. I must be sympathetic not to attack an already injured man and an outcast in the NPP today.

Before the competent New Patriotic Party (NPP) assumed power in 2001, there was a report that stated emphatically clear that the Kwame Nkrumah Circle had outlived its usefulness to the people of Accra. They watched over the situation and as their solution, constructed a footbridge instead. It took incompetent Mahama and his team to source for investment to construct a modern 3-tier interchange at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle. This development had led to the pulling down of the solution of the NPP – the footbridge.

Under the competent NPP, 38 Senior High Schools were earmarked for upgrade to whatever status they knew best. Today, they cannot point to one of such schools upgraded. It took late President Mills and perhaps, his incompetence as well, to bring development to many secondary schools across the country upon the unplanned 4-year duration imposed on Secondary education by the NPP. Today, the incompetent Mahama is building 123 brand-new from the scratch Community Day Senior High Schools with the little over 70 undergoing processes towards being awarded on contract. With this feet, Mahama would have built more than 50% of the about 427 existing Senior High Schools across the country predating independence. Two new Universities (University of Health and Allied Science in Ho and the Brong Ahafo University), were built from scratch under the NDC with a third about being commissioned for construction soon at Somanya. Let the competent NPP show us which secondary school and university they built in their entire 8 years.

Under the competent NPP, they met an energy report that suggested that 10% of our energy generation be added per annum. For the entire 8 years of the NPP, not even 1 megawatt of power was added. We sometimes make mistake by crediting them with some 80 megawatts in 8 years which implies 10 megawatts per annum. Even that 80 megawatts was added by a consortium of mining companies who could not withstand the effects of the 2006/2007 dumsor. Under incompetent Maham, 847 megawatts of power would be added to the national grid by end of this year under 3 years of his presidency.

Under the competent NPP, the entire Teshie and Nungua, Adentan, Madina, Ashongman, East Legon, North Legon, Agbogba, ect, did not have access to potable water. Under incompetent Mahama, the expansion of the Kpong headworks has resulted in water flowing throught the taps of those in East and North Legon, Madina, Adentan, Agbogba, Ashongman, while the investments in the Teshie desalination project has resulted in water flowing through the taps of those in Teshie, Nungua and surrounding communities.

Under the competent NPP in its entire 8 years, not a single Regional hospital was added to the existing stock. Today, Mahama is constructing Regional hospitals, completing the project of a hospital in each Region. The Ridge Hospital is being face lifted with massive projects to the status of Accra Regional Hospital. A brand new 37 Military Hospital under construction in Kumasi, 5 brand new Polyclinics is Brong Ahafo, 5 brand new Polyclinics in Western Region, Upper East, Upper West, Greater Accra among others, with a brand new hospital at Dodowa, Brand new Teaching Hospital for the University of Ghana, Legon.  That is not all, numerous CHPS compounds across the country. I dare the NPP to show me the hospitals they built in their entire 8 years with their competence.

Under the competent NPP, for its entire 8-year rule, cocoa roads have remained neglected. Listening to the Finance Minister Mr Seth Terkper last Frday, it took the incompetent Mahama to invest 3 billion in cocoa road construction.

JOB 600
Under the competent NPP, the 600th job under the States Housing Housing Corporation popularly known as Job 600, which was built under a record time of 6 months, had seen not single attempt to renovate it. It took incompetent Mahama to put that building to use finally just a couple of weeks ago.

Under the competent NPP, their competent way of dealing with inflation and the falling Cedi was to redenominate it deceiving themselves at the time that 1Ghc was even heavier than a dollar. Under incompetent Mahama, wage bill had risen to record high with over 60% of revenue going into the payment of salaries and emoluments of public and civil servants. The depreciating Cedi is being delt with by the application of cogent economic measures and not redenomination.

Under incompetent Maham, Ghana is witnessing the construction of a brand new airport in the Volta Region and an upgrade of the Tamale Airport into an international status. How many has the competent NPP being able to built in their 8 years? Under incompetent Mahama, the Western Railway line construction is underway vigorously. Under him, the Easter Corridor road which was almost cut short by the challenges with the Chinese Development Bank (CDB) loan is under construction. Under incompetent Mahama, Airport West roads, New Town roads, Adabraka roads, Nima roads, GIFAD road, Teshie Beach Road, Nungua-Sakumono, Ashaiman, roads are receiving asphaltic overlays. How many had the competent NPP built?

Under incompetent Mahama, the Kejetia Market project, the Kotokuraba Market, the Ho Market, etc, are receiving massive construction works. How many had the competent NPP built?

Perhaps this is where Mahama’s incompetence had reached its peak. Perhaps, he had failed to send the law enforcement agencies to deal with the terrorist acts at the NPP headquarters on countless occasions. If he had done that and dealt with the hooligans and the forces established within the NPP, he would have become competent enough for their admiration.

If, with all enumerated above, that is the achievements of an incompetent president, I would want to associate with this level of incompetence that associate with competence that would result in acid baths to death, stabbing to death, smashing of windscreens, burning of motorbikes, chasing of party executives out of their offices. I am a proud person associating with incompetent Mahama than the competence of Akufo-Addo which results in see no wrong, speak not against wrong so long as it is in my favour.

Jah Guide


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