Over the past few days, a discussion was generated once again. The discussion bothered on ideologies which are sharply discussed in Ghana’s political atmosphere. These ideologies bothers on the centre-left or centre-right with the two extremes, being championed by two major political parties in our contemporary politics.

On the basis of these ideological differences, political power was rationed among two major political parties; the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) under the 4th Republican Constitution of Ghana since 1992.

From this angle, individuals are either aligned or forced to be aligned to any of these two ideologies when spoken on.

Over the week, the pulses of these two ideologies were tested with the comment from a man of God who doubles as my Pastor to the extent that Ghanaians should not be happy over the provision of good roads and the restoration of constant power supply. He proceeded to state that government have no business doing business and that, the citizens must kick out the state’s control of resources.

Naturally, it would have been difficult addressing issues of this nature coming from a man of God and no less than my pastor under whom I sit for my weekly preaching, taking a cue from the very word he preaches from that states “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”.

What makes this discussion much more easier for me is that, we are fortunate these words voiced by the founder and leader of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) was not done from the pulpit and had stopped short of any Biblical backing.

To this end, so long as they remain opinions I shall equally share my opinion. When a man of God leaves the Bible and decide to address politics, we cannot measure him at the moment with the Bible, but, we do so with politics.

It would be appropriate to set the premise, that, the government in power today, is a socialist government whose focus in government, is far different from a capitalist. Measuring the performance of a socialist government with the lenses of a capitalist, can be likened to measuring apples with stones, this is because, they are immeasurable.

In creating an enabling environment, the need for good roads cannot be taken out. If a business man would require to run business between Accra and Ho and is expected to be present in person at that crucial moment, the only means of transport is by road. Until the Ho Airport is completed, there remains no other option. Such an individual would appreciate the impact of having a good road.

Again, a businessman who had lived on generator for power to run a factory, would appreciate the fact that a constant supply of power from the national grid, remains cheaper as compared to buying fuel each day to run a generator. To such a person, he would differ in opinion from that of Dr. Mensa Otabil.

In the same light, the ordinary village woman whose source of livelihood is to pick Shea nuts, but with unfortunate events of snake bites, she would appreciate the relevance of a CHPS Compound located in her village to prevent her from unnecessary death.

To the man with complex health issues, but who does not have money to fly out of this country for treatment as my pastor could easily afford to do, he would appreciate the building of the Bolgatanga Regional Hospital, he would appreciate the Military Hospital in Kumasi, he would appreciate the Legon Teaching Hospital, he would appreciate the Maritime Hospital in Tema, he would appreciate the Ridge Hospital, as well as appreciate the expansion work on the Police Hospital.

In the area of education, the entrepreneur being challenged to kick out state control of the economy, would require skills training from schools built by government. They would require competent employees who would have been trained by schools built by government.

On the other hand, my pastor runs a church. He has a basic school with plans of building a secondary school. What most people only know is about his university the Central University College. It remains a fact, that, many of his congregants cannot afford to pay school fees for their wards in the schools he run.

To this end, the family that understands education and wishes to change its fortunes in the future, would appreciate the eradication of schools under trees. Such families would appreciate the building of Community Day Senior High Schools. They would equally, appreciate the building of public universities by government which guarantees them quality and affordability.

In all of these, it would be appropriate to highlight the fact that, when these people travel from outside the country, and come to stand before us in the church, and make references to the beautiful infrastructure they have seen in the diaspora, they never say it was done by private individuals. They appreciate the works of the governments in those countries. They appreciate the fact that, road infrastructure they see out there, are not built by private individuals, but by governments.

On this back drop, it is disappointing, when they come and make references of what they admired out there, and portend to ridicule them when their own governments have committed resources into bringing same infrastructure they should equally admire in this country. The Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange and the technology being used to construct the project, is the first of its kind in Africa. Perhaps, they have different eyes when they go out, and have different ones when they return home.

To conclude, it would be appropriate to drive home the point once again, that, when a capitalist wants to measure a socialist government with his measurement, there is no way the socialist would pass that test. Mapping himself out as a capitalist has informed the angle of discussion to situate his criticism of government.

In all of these, allow the anointed to proceed with their work. However, aside what is stated clearly in the Good Book, any other analogy drawn remains the discretion of the preacher. On this basis, we can begin understanding the influences these individuals would want to have when they delve into issues that transcends their jurisdictions.


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  1. U have said it all,we under the low income rate,appreciate the achevment of the government. My question to ur pastor,what has he also done to ease the presure on government? He should stop throwing dust into the eyes of Ghanians,He runs his church and school as business,if he can fly himself for check up,he should appreciate the government of the day. Long live Ghana,long live SNJ.


  2. With regards to CHPS compounds, we must prevent rather than cure. We should equip the shea nuts woman with the attires that would make him stand protected from the bites.
    To the business man who depends on generator for power supply, only shift the cost of production to the consumer and nothing. He cares less about constant state supply power which cannot rely on.


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