Once again, a constitutional requirement was fulfilled and the president stood before the House of Parliament to deliver the State of the Nation Address.

In what he referred to as evidence based learning where records of work done had been shown openly to members of parliament some of whom have kept a tone of seeing nothing over the past years, it was clear that those who held such positions were simply living in some other lands.

In what appeared a master show of communication skills, the president, a communications expert, John Dramani Mahama exerted his class in his area of specialization when he linked the developments happening, to the lives of the people.

Until then, the deliverables of government, we made to look like some objects that are de-linked from the subjects, upon whom, elections are contested and won.

One may ask, what exactly is human life when there are no avenues to acquire knowledge, no avenues to turn for health care, no provision of power to put ideas to work especially in the field of engineering, and no access to water?

On the basis of this, it would appear cheap, should any politician stand on any platform, for the purpose of political power and convenience of the game, downplay efforts of government aimed at improving the living conditions of the people.

As a developing nation, it would be absolutely ridiculous to ridicule basic infrastructure in the economy. Some have portrayed governance as a sophisticated weapon that needed some overly sophisticated technicians to handle.

It is about brains, it is about ideology and it is about the application of scarce resources to meet the exigences at any given time.

When ideologies clash over an election, one wins depending on the needs of the people and the trust they have in those seeking the power. It doesn’t make them all-knowing. It doesn’t also make those who have lost, that unfit for purpose. However, the posturing of the opposition would give an impression of its seriousness in advancing the interest of the people.

We are in a country where many basic needs have not been met. Yet, we have a country that has attained the status of a middle income country. The implications are numerous.

Certain grants we used to have are no longer coming. What a country like Togo may enjoy as a grant, Ghana would not. For this reason, the government of the day (irrespective of which party is in power), must go into the open market to look for money.

It must be emphasised, that, when the Kuffour led NPP was in power, no one blocked their way from borrowing. Indeed, it was one such attempts to borrow that landed them in a hairdressing saloon in the United States.

I have noticed a conscious effort by the running mate to the flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party Dr Bawumia to create some doubts on the impact of the State of the Nation Address. Two different scenarios were captured. One was a classroom with good floor, where students were made to lie on the floor while attending to their lessons. I do not begrudge the authenticity of that instance.

A second was release where some desks were located on what appears to be a farm land, with kids and children sitting behind a black board in order to portray gloom in the Ghanaian society. This, and I mean the second picture, I doubted its authenticity. This is because, students cannot be learning under an open weather. I am tempted to believe a new model of schools are being brought about and this time round, Schools Under Sun.

However, at no where, had government stated having solved all educational challenges in the country. As a matter of fact, out of the over 2,000 schools under trees met by the NDC administration in 2009, over 1,600 have been replaced with structures. Some still remain.

As called by the Chief Executive Officer of the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) Mrs Sedina Tamakloe Attionu, it would be appropriate to know the number of schools under trees met by the NPP and the numbers eradicated by the end of their 8 years. That would better inform the argument.

In all of this, they have exposed one thing. Bawumia had established why government’s efforts at providing roads, schools, hospitals, water and all the other basic needs, must be commended. The impression being created as though these were not necessary have been shot down by themselves.

It is clearly established by the NPP that solving the basic problems of this country is not a matter of priority to them. Meanwhile, you cannot build a nation on nothing and expect it to stand. The people are better informed. Shalom!


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