I arrived at this topic knowing very well the significance of social media in our contemporary society, culture and politics. I regarded the medium as a nuisance not in its explicit state, but as is seen by those who have never regarded its impact in their lives and on society at large.

Social media has developed over this short period, providing a platform for connecting and interconnecting both locally and internationally. Its significance and the ability to influence would be much appreciated by those who use that tool for communication.

The traditional form of media which included but not limited to newspapers and radio, have had their dominance over the years. The moment has come where a shift has occurred and driving many towards the social media traffic.

The era where people regarded a newspaper that is delivered 30 days after it was printed as relevant are long gone. We might not have advanced totally, yet, inasmuch as we have people who are cut out from the access of media content almost immediately, those who have access to the modern tools of communication including social media are making the impact.

Although the practice of journalism as a profession has not changed, the tools at the disposal for its practitioners have increased. This equally has provided an opportunity for people to create news.

The creation of news, we would all admit, has become cheaper because the equipment required for the creation of news have become cheaper for ordinary people to procure.

Unlike the case where a journalist would require the procurement of heavy equipment to create news, the mobile phone of today can easily deliver the news much more swiftly with the availability of social media platforms.

The speed with which news spread these days cannot be taken away from the laps of the various social media platforms at the disposal of citizens.

The offer for rejoinders has mainly remained an official means of responding to false publications. As effective as that had been, one cannot guarantee that the same number that read the false publication would have access to the rejoinder when published at a later date.

The offer for swift response that is likely to send false publications to early bed is what social media offers. The significance of that medium has been further established by the speed with which falsehood spreads.

Having clearly laid these fundamental issues, one cannot disregard the need to occupy the social media space. As a young politician, I would have to skew this piece a bit politically even though within my spirit, I expect it works for all who are in competition with others.

It would be suicidal to abandoned the social media space and to leave it in the hands of opponents. What that does is that, it leaves one side traffic. In the midst of no counter to falsehood, all publications are regarded truths.

The social media tool offers a great opportunity to tailor information for specific effect. Today, media houses across the globe rely on social media for credible news. All that is required is cross-check. Meanwhile, we cannot take away the fact that the social media platforms would have provided the lead.

For political communication, a message is only effective when delivered to the people. The interactive nature of social media has made the traditional media quite unattractive. People require immediate response to their enquiries which is what social media platforms offer.

To this end, a political party that regard the significance of clearing falsehood, the basis mostly upon which opposition fights for power, would invest resources in men and women to understand its ideology, its message, the demographics of the voters, and then get them equipped to deliver such message as required for a specific effect.

It is not for nothing that communication schools have adequate modules for new media studies. The shifting effects in media content and its consumption have made it immediate for organizations that regard information sharing and its impact to adopt social media platforms to be able to set agenda and to respond to news that relates to its survival.

No serious group would disregard any means that can be used to deliver information. Not less a political party that would require its message to be delivered to the least person for votes.

It is inherent for the social media angle to be regarded a serious media that can make or unmake any organization that relies on the views and opinions of others to survive. The effects of social media cannot be overemphasized in this regard.

It is laughable when people regard social media and those who spend time on those platforms as individuals who are engaged in fruitless exercises. I have emphasised the interactive nature of the medium. The faster information can be responded to, the easier it is to enlighten people on false stories released by opponents.

Today’s contemporary society, thrives on information. The power of information is what attracts or send people away from a group. An adoption of the social media tool, the training of personnel to deliver through such medium and a mechanism for measuring results on such medium would go a long way to enhance the fortunes of any organization.


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