Many tenants would not bother themselves establishing the ownership of a house when seeking a room to rent until the facility has become an issue of interest that threatens eviction.

In putting this piece together, I pray the ideas I intend to share would motivate the political actors especially the administration of the former president, John Dramani Mahama and his party to begin looking at ways to deal with the difficulties that would emerge if the party is to make an impact in the coming years.

Before proceeding to delve deep into the main issues, permit me to state that the logic to be expressed in this piece is hinged on an analogy drawn by Honourable Alhassan Suhuyini, Member of Parliament for Tamale North. 

In an interview he granted to an Accra-based radio station, he admired what seem to be a position of double standards among the Ghanaian elites and especially those with traveling experiences. He was marveled at the way such individuals would not hesitate to refer to remarkable landmarks and the beauty they present to facilities in areas like America, Dubai, Canada, Germany, China of recent times and other countries that are classified as developed.

In his position, these people do not spend any time to admire the food on their tables. They do not take images of the food they eat when they visit such countries, but rather spend time taking images of themselves in magnificent facilities built by governments of the said countries with the taxes of its citizens.

I was in a discussion with a friend recently. In her narration, there was a lady who gave her a lift recently to the house. Interesting enough, they drove through the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange but the significance of that projected seemed to have eluded her. 

Apparently, the lady who gave her the lift had just returned from Dubai on a holiday. She was recounting the beautiful sites in Dubai and how they have changed the city. 

Anyone who followed the history of Dubai, would be marveled at the transformation in that country over the past few decades. Indeed, the building of Dubai had taken pain and toil, taxes as well as sacrifices to build. That is the only thing citizens can do for their country. Indeed, it is better to have delayed gratification than to satisfy the exigencies of today and live in perpetual difficulties. 

The sharp contrast is that people who would visit Dubai like the lady who gave my friend a lift but who would not admire the likes of the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange, would have no problem paying to be transported to watch and praise a similar structure in Dubai. We have gotten to the point where we feel we have nothing to be proud of because we have virtually condemned that which should be making us proud.

These countries did not reach where they are in a day. They also did not get here without the sacrifices of their citizens. Indeed, they have not gotten here with their citizens smiling at them all these years. The story of China and its emergence from a third world to a developed country should marvel all of us here in Ghana and Africa. We would have to do what the Chinese have done if we must become what they have become.

As a matter of fact, we have, as a country, brought projects we must be proud of. The likes of the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange, the Kasoa Interchange, the Ridge Hospital, the Legon Medical Centre, the Maritime Hospital, and the many others, are significant landmarks we must be proud of no matter who built them. The issue is that today, John Dramani Mahama has become a former president. However, the projects he brought have remained and would remain with us.

In the same spirit, if the new president, Nana Akufo-Addo would proceed in constructing the proposed bridge across the Volta Lake, the Tema Motorway expansion as well as the Roundabout, the Amasaman Interchange among other things, that would equally add to the stock of strategic landmarks of Ghana. This is how we must go. 

The difficulty I can foresee is the challenge the NDC would have in projecting the impact of its projects under the John Dramani Mahama administration. It goes without denial that the people of Ghana appreciate his delivery in the area of infrastructure. However, there remained a fact that nurses were on demonstrations for government’s inability to employ them after they completed school. Newly trained teachers were equally up against the government. 

As stated in my opening comments, the Ghanaian nurse may rather remain grateful to the one who granted him or her the opportunity to work as in the one who employed them as against the one who built the structures to make it possible for their employment. It would become difficult for me if anyone would assume the provider of accommodation had done better than the one who had the vision to establish the building in the first place. However, that remain my point of view. Others see and understand the same things differently. 

However, that is the difficulty the NDC is likely to be faced with. The party would have a huge task in making these employed nurses understand that without the provision of hospitals like the ones named earlier and the numerous ones outlined during its campaign, nurses could not be employed en-mass.

Indeed, the party would have to point out its difficulties in the employment of nurses based on the zero record of the New Patriotic Party in building regional hospitals in the past when it had power. The party would have to point the baggage handed them from previous administrations and justify the need to ensure these hospitals had to be built, fitted with modern equipment before proceeding to employ to fill them. 

That would be a justifiable thing to do before they lose out on their impact on the citizens. In looking deep into the preamble, it would be appropriate for the builder of the house to take the credit for having the foresight to establish the house before thanking the one who gave a room out of the entire house for one to sleep in. The process in that is for the strategists of the party to establish. 




  1. I enjoyed reading the entire article.
    Unfortunately, it seems Ghanaians are not ready to make sacrifices so unless that is beaten into their brains, we would have a long way to go. I am one person who would like to sacrifice for the benefit of tomorrow. That is why I’m proud of JDM. He is a builder indeed. God bless him and bless Ghana.


  2. You are so spot on. We were impatient and as Africans as we are, we were interested in the stomach instead of institutions. Going Forward, the NDC should strategize factoring all that into consideration in order to return to winning way.


  3. Good one. Lucky Dube said, ” The crest is greener on the other side to the black man, think for yourself”. People here can’t see the beauty around them.
    The NDC must start early telling and reminding Ghanaians of the record success we chalked despite the difficulties.


  4. We have seen and heard the NDC during the past 8yrs. They have borrowed more than all the previous governments combined. All the money for the projects mentioned in this article were borrowed, to be paid later by a future President. A significant portion of these loans and taxes collected UNPRECEDENTEDLY found their way into the pockets of HE Ex-President and his corrupt team.
    There is nothing the ndc can tell us Ghanaians.
    We now know them:Tribalist, sycophants, thieves, ignorant and incompetent lairs.
    It is sad what we have come to know about the ndc.
    We have come to know the ndc as nothing but a stinking propaganda machinery full of shot.
    A party made up of about 70% trbalist: Akan haters.
    15% sycophants, people who think stealing and misusing government purse is cool.
    And 15% ignoramus.

    What can this useless “propaganda” party do for Ghana?

    They have been in power since 1982(less only 8yrs).

    Any open minded person can come to the truth than the ndc is the cause of our sad state as country: a paradise in ruins!

    It has taken us far too long to see the ndc in their true colors, and no further lies can mislead us again.

    We have shown our disgust for the ndc by the recent unprecedented voting in the recent election, NFC give us the break!

    May your destiny be like the cpp.
    May those who still vote wrongly for u wise up, so that you become a parliamentless party.

    May the good Lord open our mind and eyes to bring this about.


    1. I can see you have nothing to say to writer so we all can encourage him or her and thier likes to keep the work. If you want to be politically partisan people like us would face you boot to boot, what are even saying? The elites party has something to offer to Ghanaians? Can the Npp rule this country without borrowing? Did hear the nominees that were vetted by parliament? Thus minister of finance and the so called senior minister. These two people say they are going to borrow but I’m a different style, I don’t know whether they’re going use thier legs to take the borrowed facility. Did ask also ask yourself why the majority in parliament were over protecting the nominees so please if anyone should talk of corruption, it shouldn’t be NPP because they have lost the moral right to do so.


  5. Wonderful piece by all standards ASK.
    Unfortunately the realization of the main hands behind these wonderful edifices do not receive the recognition until after some years.

    Same was the case of the projects executed by Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

    As always posterity will be the best judge


  6. Just as individuals have expectations for each government, they do same for their individual careers. The NDC government failed to explain to the affected teachers & nurses why they could not be absorbed.

    The nurses & teachers can also reason and analyze issues. Why didn’t the government appeal to them at the time instead of waiting to be kicked out before coming out with explanation. After all, of what benefit is a multi-complex interchange to a nurse who can’t buy pure water or afford breakfast simply because he or she was not employed after graduation.

    In the mist of these challenges, we could see how a good number of the NDC government officials were living so good.

    At this juncture, mere explanation won’t do much. It must come with an apology to appease those who actually suffered, to the nation at large.

    If the ex-president JDM could go hungry for just three days, he would’ve wept for and with these teachers and nurses for their predicament. That would’ve equally changed the approach the NDC government adopted in addressing some of those challenges.


  7. Well said my Hon. Brother. The communication team of NDC really need to work hard to established the fact that the massive infrastructure built by JDM would catapult any success that will be achieved by he NPP.


  8. Why do we still ignore the simple truth. Ghanaians do appreciate the Massive infrastructure.
    The problem is that those around the former President HE JDM were proud.
    This has become a modern challenge in today’s world. Everyone forgets that to be proud is wrong. It is a vise. No matter what contextual twist. Pride goes before a fall.
    Despite the fantastic, good, and honourable national development we have all seen, the NDC has been proud and has fallen.
    Instead we should look to humility, honour, and truth. These are virtues.
    The NDC should have been honourable; instead they were proud. They in their pride insulted all of Mother Ghana with their Muntie3 saga. Their big men in their pride, misdirected three young journalists, the went against the nature and direction of our former president HE JDM. They even ignored the kegal council of HE JDM’s lawyer, and insted chose to blackmail HE JDM. Their attitudes were vice full; arrogant, wasteful, and proud. Yes indeed, pride goes before a fall.

    Furthermore, their pride caused unnecessary internal sabotage and subterfuge, which has been directly linked to their founders, and former president Rawlings. His pride caused the loss. This is an open secret. Yet truth. His pride could not let himself in his life time see anyone excelle and receive more praise than he himself. This was evidenced to the whole nation at his 31December commemoration. He took back his “vomit” from years gone bye. He had a person, who assaulted and almost battered a sitting former President of blessed memory, HE JEAM. If not for HE JJR’s pride he would have remembered that he in his time, he would never have tolerated such an affront. HE JJR, further more used the opportunity to attack his own most loyal “son” HE JDM. He refused to acknowledge and blatantly lied. How? Answer is that today Ghana has the best corruption index we have ever had. Which indicates that HE JDM has been to date the best solution Ghana has had against corruption ever. Yet, HE JJR refused to recognize the Accountability, Transparency, and resulting Probity which the the Greenbook Ghana represents. This was pride at work. Thus, the NDC has in 2016 cut its nose to spite its face.

    Not to take anything away from the NPP, they ran a strong campaign and based on the evidence of NDC pride they deserved to win.

    As to the infrastructural development, your friend is simply behaving as most colonially minded Ghanaians, they don’t represent the whole of Ghana, nor even the majority of Ghanaians. We all still remember the works of HE Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. We will all remember the good works of HE JDM.


  9. In a society any one who like teeling the truth ,they didn’t like u but l believe Ghanaian will weep seching for him


  10. Why wouldn’t the young and newly trained nurses and teachers fail to vote for the NDC, when the party shot itself in the foot, by failing to propagate the benefits of those infrastructure in the nearest future? JDM did all he could. In fact, he is one of the best Presidents Africa has ever had. Posterity will judge his works.


  11. Hmmmm, for me I see JDM as a visionary because he always brings home what he see’s in the countries he visited, but the truth is that some of ministers and his MPs are too arrogant and disrespecful, truth must be told as it is, Lucky Dune once said and I coute, be good to the people on the way up the ladder because they are on you way down. For JM, ALLAH will bless him for his good works, let’s wait and see what our new president has for us.


  12. great piece,sooner or later Ghanaians will appreciate and heap words of praise on JM just as it is being done to Nkrumah of blessed memory.

    we will surely remember the builder


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