I have spent the last two months studying a phenomenon on social media. I have used the period trying to ascertain the level of engagement by “Stars”, prominent persons, business men, politicians, DJs, actors and actresses, musicians etc. on their Facebook Pages. I would piece together this opinion without specific mentions except to make a few indications on some relevant information for the purpose of this article.

I have observed many personalities some of whom, have followers of between ninety thousand (90,000) and 8.1 million. From my observation, something is wrong with the level of interactions involving the personalities on their respective pages. I would not pretend to know than anyone in this regard, but my little understanding is to the effect that social media was actually meant to bridge the gap that was built over the years between audience and traditional media. This cannot be in doubt if we examine how social media networks have tried to connect as instant as possible, audiences to the people they follow.

People do not choose to follow your account for nothing. They do so with the aim to reach you as you attempt to reach them. Unfortunately, this entire space for those I have observed, has turned into a one way communication channel. Today, in order to incorporate the views of listeners and viewers, as well as readers, radio stations, television stations as well as newspapers, have created online platforms and have created other avenues that allow their followers to make inputs and to air their views.

Today, people are comfortable associating with individuals and outlets that would make them relevant and appreciated. If you have a huge following and you assume that is just an opportunity to keep dumping your materials without finding the time to appreciate what people say on the page, you are getting the entire concept of social media and your presence there wrong. 

How possible is it, that, a person with over 4 million followers, could make a post and after one (1) day, get less than 100 comments? Is it for nothing? Or it is simply the feeling by followers that the accounts do not respect their time to comment on posts made on those pages? I specifically examined some accounts. In the first instance, one of a Nigerian celebrity with a following of 2.7 million made a post of four days at the time of putting this piece together (Sunday Jan. 31) and had 74 comments and 9 shares. Another account of one top movie actor with a following of 1.6 million made a post on the 24th day of December 2020 and had 199 comments with 25 shares by day of 31st January, 2021. A top Ghanaian Dancehall musician with a following of 2.7 million made a post on the 24th day of January, 2021 and ended up with 283 comments and 106 shares. 

In my further reviews, another top actress in Nigeria with 2 million followers made a post which was about 19 hours by 18:07 GMT of 31st January, 2021 at the time of my review, and got 117 comments with 24 shares. A top Ghanaian Radio Show host with 575k followers made a post which was 1 day old at the time of my review and ended up with 13 comments and 3 shares. On 25th December, 2020, another top Ghanaian gospel female musician with 190k followers made a post and had 102 comments with 17 shares. A long standing and popular hip-life musician with some amazing tunes to his record, with a rather disappointing followers of 91k followers made a post on 19th January and had 47 comments with 4 shares.

I then reviewed the Facebook page of one comedian in the industry with 95k followers who made a video a day earlier and had 11 comments with 2.4K views. On 12th August, 2020 another top Ghanaian highlife star with 101k followers made a post and ended up with 31 comments and 15 shares. 

I bring you these figures to drive home the point that their walls could be better if they had been a bit engaging. For instance, if one spends time responding to 100 comments that are made by their followers, it automatically takes the comments up to 200, doubling the figures which would apply in the person who takes time to respond to 1k comments taking the comments to 2k. Consistently, Facebook highlights posts that are engaging in order to catch the eyes of many more. 

It would be simplistic to mount a defense with claims that some of these people could be more active on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, than Facebook. The point then, why do you have a Facebook Page? Why not close it if you think the followers on that platform are of no importance? Building a page is not an easy thing, and keeping it even requires more efforts. Opening a page to attract people and later ignoring same people is counterproductive and must be discouraged.

This problem can be solved. Get someone and engage the person professionally to manage your accounts. After all, no one engaging followers can be identified. The timing must be done in such a way that updates and engaging in conversations do not expose you. For instance, a musician on stage performing, cannot at the same time be engaged in responding to comments under a post. Once you do that, you have created a fake impression, and once your followers are aware that you are not the handler of your account, that ends it. 

The recruitment process can be technical. In this process, you must find someone who has the skills and the art. Without skills, no art can be perfect. The person must be able to have some needed skills on hand to communicate clearly. Every personality has a way of communicating his or her words, his or her choice of words, the level of tolerance, the level of acceptance of criticism etc. This requires that you find someone who can speak your language and type it out as you would do, and be able to hold discussions as you would.

This sometimes gets difficult especially when messages are sent that the manager of the account cannot just provide the answers, and where opening them without responding could mean a lot, the owner of the account is required from time to time, to manage the messages box to ensure that there is up-to-date engagement which makes the page more responsive.

I can assure you, that, accounts that are responsive, would always have engagements. An account that has the account name of the owner commenting under posts, motivates more than anything else. Is it not unfortunate, that, in so many instances, people who have nothing to do with the posts are those who engage in liking and commenting on responses from others? How beautiful, could it be, that, an owner of an account is seen religiously, and or from time to time, come under every comment to appreciate the comments with some efforts? 

Indeed, if the world were to remain where it was before Facebook and other social media platforms, no one would require anything extra from anyone. But to the extent that we chose to move with the new media from the old one, we must be ready to do what is required of us. If we cannot do these basic things, we have no business being on these new platforms.

The lack of efforts to make these accounts look real, has resulted in followers seeing these pages as dumping grounds, where their views are of no importance to the owners of the pages, and this pushes them to where they would rather be appreciated. Let us be guided, and Mr. Big Man, you could be bigger by engaging more, your followers. 



  1. Very nice piece of article. I hope social media handles will be managed well and owners become more engaging with followers


  2. A very thoughtful piece!, I bet no one ever gave it a thought like you just did, this is an opener to the world it would only be great if you get readers to really absorb this piece because seriously I don’t buy the so many, every day new trends of social media popping up from all over the world when even the existing ones we can’t even manage properly!
    It’s sad!
    It’s money draining!
    It’s waste of so many relevant resources!
    Good job Mr. Small man! Lol


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